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Vida-Defense – Premium Immune Health

Vida-Defense BottleVida-Defense is a powerful blend of systemic enzymes and herbal antioxidants specifically designed to support proper cellular metabolism and healthy immune function. The proprietary blend of ingredients found in Vida-Defense include microbial and plant SEBPro V proteases as well as antimicrobial, antioxidant, and immuno-stimulatory herbs and enzymes, providing broad-spectrum support for optimal immune health.

Our bodies depend on an array of complex chemical reactions in order to function properly. Unfortunately, if toxins accumulate or these biochemical processes become impaired, the body relies on abnormal metabolic pathways in an effort to survive, weakening normal immune response.

Systemic enzymes, however, combat this common dilemma by providing our bodies with the energy they need to create the metabolic reactions necessary for immune health. Proven to break down harmful pathogenic immune complexes and stimulate our bodies’ natural defenses, the enzymes found in Vida-Defense help relieve the stresses put on our bodies, inhibit pathogens, lessen damage caused by free radicals, and strengthen our immune systems.

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Benefits of Vida-Defense

Vida-Defense is a powerful and innovative blend of enzymes specifically formulated to support and maintain a healthy immune system by inhibiting pathogens, reducing damage from free radicals, and providing much-needed enzymatic support.

Vida-Defense’s proprietary blend of herbal and microbial proteases is scientifically proven to minimize inflammation and support the body’s immune system in fighting injury and infection. Inflammation naturally occurs in the body as a reactionary response to illness and injury, resulting in insoluble protein deposits. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory proteases found in Vida-Defense, it’s able to break down these proteins and promote faster healing.

Vida-Defense also incorporates a variety of potent antioxidants, such as rutin, grapeseed extract, and catalase, which help reduce free radicals capable of damaging cell integrity. The inclusion of these powerful antioxidants allows Vida-Defense to reduce the body’s susceptibility to infection and promote healthy cellular processes.

With important antimicrobial enzymes included as well, Vida-Defense is an all-encompassing, illness-fighting formula for supporting optimal immune function and proper cellular metabolism.

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Vida-Defense Ingredients

Vida-Defense IngredientsThe proprietary blend of enzymes and antioxidants found in Vida-Defense include:

• SEBPro VII Proteases – The proteases found in Vida-Defense possess considerable anti-inflammatory properties and systematically break down protein, benefitting the body on a molecular and cellular level.
• Catalase – A powerful antioxidant and natural immune system booster.
• Lysozyme – A protein found in plants and animals that attacks harmful pathogenic bacteria.
• Chitosanase – A powerful enzyme responsible for breaking down chitin in fungal cell walls.
• Lactoperoxidase – A naturally occurring anti-bacterial enzyme that promotes immune response, anti-inflammatory activity, and tissue repair.
• Rutin – A bioflavonoid that strengthens veins and arteries while providing vital antioxidant support to reduce inflammation and free radicals.
• Grapeseed Extract – A beneficial extract rich in bioflavonoids.

Uses for Vida-Defense

Vida-Defense can be used by any adult interested in enhancing their cell metabolism and immune cell function, reducing inflammation, promoting healthy organ and cell function, and reducing oxidative damage. In order to witness the full benefits of Vida-Defense, it’s recommended to take one to two capsules with eight ounces of water three times per day at least an hour prior to eating and two hours after eating a meal.

Since people have varying ailments and different levels of disease in terms of severity, the length of time needed to take Vida-Defense in order to experience its benefits may vary. As a general guideline, anyone taking a systemic enzyme should begin with a starter dose of one capsule three times per day. If tolerant to this dosage, it can be increased to a therapeutic level of two capsules three times per day. Some people reach therapeutic levels with six to nine capsules per day, while others only require three. Several factors, such as age, weight, height, tolerance, severity of symptoms, nutritional state, and adherence to the regimen must be considered.

The immune system is the body’s primary line of defense and a critical component of overall good health. When taken properly, Vida-Defense can fight oxidation, inflammation, and boost the body’s immune system, creating a stronger, healthier you.

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