Syntol AMD

Syntol – Advanced Microflora Delivery

syntol_bottleSyntol AMD is a combination of enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics formulated into a dietary supplement focused on cleansing yeast gently from the system. Syntol AMD contains CFUs, or Colony Forming Units. There are over 3.4 billion of these in different forms in each serving which helps fight against bad yeast in the system. It helps to change the intestinal microflora balance and stop the growth of harmful bacteria. Syntol is one of the most potent blends available and also helps to:

  • Stop the growth of yeast in the body.
  • Improve digestion.
  • Improve immune function.
  • Boost immune function.
  • Help to increase resistance to infections and diseases.

Syntol 180 capsules

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Improved beneficial bacteria in the intestines helps people to fight diseases caused by bacteria. Prebiotics are fibers that are soluble that help to stimulate growth and activity of the beneficial flora. Syntol contains the prebiotic inulin that goes through the digestive system and into the stomach of the intestines where it helps with the growth of probiotics and bifidobacteria. The enzymes in Syntol help to break down dead and decaying yeast in the system. The toxic yeast is removed before it can ever ferment and create uncomfortable detox problems. The more healthy bacteria in the digestive system and blood stream the better the immune system functions ands the faster toxins are eliminated from the body. Syntol works to eliminate the toxins and yeast to create a healthier immune system and overall well being for the body. The body becomes normalized and functions correctly, lower the chances of sickness and disease*.

Syntol AMD Ingredients

Syntol Ingredients Label

Syntol is a yeast-cleansing probiotic supplement used for improving digestive and overall health. As more people recognize that healthy digestion is essential to wellness, probiotics are becoming more popular. However, Syntol goes beyond other products in the probiotic category. Below is a look at key Syntol features, uses and benefits.

Syntol 180 capsules

Syntol AMD 360 caps

Syntol’s Features

Syntol contains 13.6 billion colony forming units, or CFUs, of probiotics. Among the strains supplied by Syntol is the B. subtilis type, a type of beneficial bacteria that forms spores. This is a defining advantage of the probiotics contained in Syntol because B. subtilis is able to colonize environments where other probiotics can’t survive. In unhealthy guts that are loaded with bad bacteria, pH may differ significantly from the conditions preferred by other lactobacilli. B. subtilis gives Syntol an edge in its ability to compete with bad bacteria living on the walls of the gut.

In addition to probiotics, Syntol also contains yeast enzymes that dissolve dying candida as they are destroyed by the beneficial bacteria. This lets patients avoid typical die-off symptoms that occur due to toxic chemicals released by decaying candida and other harmful yeast.

To fuel probiotic growth, Syntol AMD includes VitaFiber, a superior form of prebiotic fiber that survives human digestion to reach the gut, where lactobacilli feed on it and reproduce. VitaFiber has been shown to be less gas-forming than other types of fiber that preferred by probiotics.

What Is Syntol Used For?

Syntol’s primary function is to improve gut health and overall wellness by repopulating the gut with probiotics. The lactobacilli contained by Syntol oxygenate the gut, which helps eliminate bad yeast and bacteria. Patients who normally suffer from detox symptoms due to probiotic supplementation will find that with Syntol, these problems are avoided thanks to protease enzymes that wipe out dying candida cells before they have a chance to release formaldehyde and other toxins.

Benefits of Syntol

Syntol strongly supports improved gut health, which is linked to better mood, sharper cognition and higher energy levels*. A healthier gut absorbs more nutrients, which are vital for every system of the body. Probiotics also produce vitamins and enzymes that are critical to optimal health. In addition, beneficial bacteria help protect against pathogens and are thought to train the immune system to detect harmful bacteria. Improvements begin shortly after beginning Syntol, but the product’s manufacturers recommend taking it for at least a month, with two or more months bringing the most benefits. All of the product’s benefits come without any risk of negative side effects.

The advantages of taking probiotics are massive for anybody interested in better health. With Syntol, users get more than just probiotics. As the product’s beneficial bacteria crowd out the pathogenic yeasts and bacteria already living there, its combination of enzymes helps eliminate symptoms of die-off to pave the way for improved health and vitality.

Syntol 180 capsules

Syntol AMD 360 caps

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