Aminolase TPA

Aminolase TPA BottleAminolase TPA is a revolutionary dietary aide that maximizes protein digestion so that the body can utilize it in the most efficient and beneficial manner possible; it is designed to enhance muscle growth and muscle recovery time. Aminolase is intended for physically active individuals, such as runners or body builders. The supplement contains a vegetarian enzyme designed to increase the body’s absorption of protein. Aminolase promotes an increased absorption of protein by breaking down protein consumed at a faster rate than it would normally break down and promoting maximum digestion of protein. Aminolase has a much lower rate of excessive excretion of undigested protein which is especially helpful as the kidneys must filter any undigested protein, which puts undue stress on them.

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Besides promoting muscle growth and muscle recovery, Aminolase also decreases the stomach discomfort, such as gas and nausea, commonly found in those who consume protein shakes or supplements*. These symptoms are caused by large peptides found in protein. Aminolase prevents these unpleasant side effects because it is designed to break down protein at an accelerated pace, which means that the large peptides are broken down into smaller peptides.

Aminolase TPA Benefits

An added benefit of Aminolase TPA is that it can be taken by any active individual; men and women alike can use it. Aminolase is a vegetarian formula so vegetarians can also reap the benefits of the supplement. In addition, it is also gluten, dairy and soy free. There are no artificial colorings or preservatives.

One capsule of Aminolase contains 250 milligrams of a proprietary blend of plant enzymes and should be consumed with 25 grams of protein. It should be consumed after working out. Aminolase can either be consumed in its capsule form or broken open and mixed with a protein shake. However, it is strongly recommended that it be taken in capsule form before consuming a protein shake. Aminolase contains an enzyme that is similar to stomach acid and can cause skin irritation if exposed to the skin. In addition, it can also alter the taste and texture of a protein shake if it is added directly.

Buy Aminolase 30ct
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Aminolase Warning: Aminolase is made with an extremely potent blend of proteolytic (protein digesting) enzymes. Similar to other natural gastric juices such as hydrochloric acid, Aminolase can burn skin or cause irritation of the eyes and hands. Although this product is safe for ingestion, handle with care when opening capsules.

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