Lipase HP Plus

Lipase HP Plus – Fat Digestive Formula

Lipase HP Plus bottleLipase HP Plus by AST Enzymes is an innovative, break-through new formula designed to break down the protein, sugar, and fatty elements in the foods you consume and convert them into usable energy and nutrition to be absorbed by the body. Just 1 capsule of Lipase HP Plus five minutes before each meal assists the body’s natural process of digesting fat and absorbing nutrients, guaranteeing you get the most nutritional value possible from the foods you eat.

The average American diet consists of foods that are high in fats and lipids. Some of these foods offer our bodies healthy benefits, while others can have rather damaging consequences, such as high cholesterol, increased weight and elevated blood sugar levels, just to name a few. One thing all of these foods have in common, however, is their need to be properly broken down in our bodies to be either utilized in a healthy way or to be discarded from the body in the form of waste.

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As we age, our bodies naturally begin to function in less efficient ways. In order to stay healthy, it is vital to supply our bodies with the elements they are no longer receiving. Of the elements that are commonly affected by age, there is a pancreatic enzyme called lipase, which is known for inducing a chemical breakdown of fats during the digestive process, and a fluid known as bile, which works like a turbo-charged engine to break down large fat molecules.

It can be especially difficult to disperse dietary fats because dietary fat molecules are large in size and they are not water soluble.

Salts found in bile–which is produced by the liver but stored in the gallbladder–work by attacking these large fat molecules and breaking them down, resulting in more empty space for the lipase to continue tearing down other fats. Once these fats have been broken down properly, they travel along to the small intestine to be processed a little more before finally being absorbed.

In bodies that do not produce or secrete adequate amounts of lipase or bile, major medical complications can arise. When insufficient amounts of lipase are produced or secreted by the digestive system, it can result in uncomfortable symtoms like bloating, gas, increased weight, cramping, and occasionally, steatorrhea, which is fat within the stool. Since lipases are produced almost entirely by the pancreas and pancreatic enzymes, conditions which affect the pancreas can result in fat maldigestion as well as malabsorption. When the body cannot receive the benefits a food has to offer, the food becomes nutritionally useless, which commonly leads to malnutrition.

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How Lipase HP Plus is Used

Packed in each capsule of Lipase HP Plus is a powerful blend of fundamental enzymes to promote ultimate nutritional absorption. The high concentration of lipase in this formula is used dually with amylase and beneficial proteases to ensure the proper breakdown of protein, sugar, and specifically, the fats, in our diets. Taking 1 capsule just 5 minutes before each meal will produce the most effective results, which means getting as much nutritional value from the foods you consume as possible. The ox bile is a crucial element of the formula, as it works to boost efficiency of the lipase by breaking down bigger fat molecules into smaller bits, and creating more surface area for the lipases to continue working.

Benefits of Lipase HP Plus

There are many invaluable benefits to taking Lipase HP Plus.
They are:

  • Get the maximum nutritional value from your meals by ensuring maximum absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins.
  • Extra energy due to the breakdown of dietary fats.
  • Proper digestion results in less chance of developing disease and discomfort.
  • An increased source of nutrition and energy decreases chances of future digestive issues, weight gain, and possible heart conditions.
  • Especially beneficial to those who have had their gallbladder or pancreas surgically removed.

Lipase HP Plus Ingredients

Lipase HP Plus IngredientsLipase HP Plus is manufactured in Chino, CA, USA from only the freshest products available.

Vegetarian Enzymes – Some studies suggest that enzymes not produced from animals have more health benefits to offer than enzymes sources by animals. According to these studies, vegetarian enzymes are more concentrated, which means less capsules are required to garner a successful result. These enzymes may also be more gentle on the digestive tract.

Ox Bile – Though several other (vegetarian) alternatives were considered, it was determined that the addition of ox bile (non-vegetarian) was crucial to the process of breaking down and dispersion of fat particles. The gallbladder–which is where bile is stored–is another function that is effected by age, and without bile, these powerful lipases would be useless. Therefore, the presence of bile is vital.

Buy Lipase HP Plus 90

Buy Lipase HP Plus 180

Highly Potent Lipases
A concentrated amount of lipases is used to stimulate maximum fat digestion to ensure ultimate absorption of nutrients into the body.

Other Enzymes
Amylases and proteases are also added to boost the breakdown of proteins and sugar so that lipases can function at their maximum potential for superior effectiveness.

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